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UFO, EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE, ANCIENT ALIENS ... Sources: The daily Galaxy, www.cnet.com

Two great articles, if you are into Extraterrestrial life, Ufo, or Ancient Aliens. The possibility of the existence of a previous civilization, and also a look at how life could be distributed around the universe are examined. Great reads. Enjoy, and please SHARE this POST before you leave (share buttons below). Thank you for your support.

The Alien Observatory --"An Indigenous Technological Species Could Have Arisen in the Solar System Before Earth-Bound Life" (WATCH Video) - The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel

Wright suggests there could have been an explosion in life around the time of or after the Cambrian period, when complex animals first appeared, according to fossil records. A cosmic catastrophe may have destroyed this early species, Wright suggests, erasing signs that it ever existed and “forcing the biosphere to ‘start over’ with the few single-celled species that survived."


For years we've imagined ways that humans and other, more alien forms of life might galavant around the cosmos, hopping from world to world in fancy, sleek spaceships. But new research suggests that some smaller life-forms might be able to travel across star systems using much simpler means: namely, a cloud of speeding space dust.

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