FIRST CONTACT, the beginning of a better future. The purpose of this Blog is to support, promote and accelerate the achievement of a First Contact Event. The discovery of Alien Life will change Life on our planet forever. COME WITH US, AND TAKE A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE OF MANKIND. The question is not IF we want a better future, but HOW LONG are we going to wait to do something about it. You can start living in your better future right now. You can find all the info and building blocks right here. Please join us as a subscriber or follower, in the search for new ways and ideas, and feel free to leave your comments and share your suggestions.

-- Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. --


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A blog that deals with Ufo’s, Ancient Aliens and all kinds of related subjects, wouldn’t be complete without a section, that looks at advanced concepts. We all know, that the Government, every defense contractor and many other high tech companies have advanced concepts divisions. The names might be different, but they all are doing the same thing: trying to make science fiction, science fact. And then some!  

Hidden in secret, or highly restricted locations, the most classified, advanced research and development projects are being developed. All financed by almost limitless black budgets. We will examine and comment on those projects as much as we are able too. Unfortunately, some of it will be speculation, but nevertheless, we will try to get a good understanding of what’s going on out there. Since this will be an ongoing endeavor, come back often and check on any new developments. Better yet, sign up as a subscriber, and you get a notification about the newest post right into your email.

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