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FIRST CONTACT (part one): The event that will change the world

We all have heard about –world changing events- at one time or another. Especially now, in the year 2012, all kinds of scenarios are floating around and gaining momentum. Anything from a meteor strike, super volcano eruption, pole shift, mega flood to an “end game” at Armageddon is on the table. And then some!

But what about a much more realistic, very possible event? What about First Contact!? If you are not certain what exactly First Contact means don’t worry, we’ll answer all the details. Step by step.
Since this is a very large subject, with many different fields related to it, I will break it up into several, smaller, more digestible articles. As the series will move along, I will tie in, news from fields that are relevant to the progress towards First Contact, as well as being a part of the new way of life, after First Contact has been made. News from the fields of science and technology, space exploration, ancient discoveries, current events, environmental development, medical advances and so forth. It will be a journey into the not so distant future.

So, stay tuned and find out how First Contact will affect you, and what you can do already today, to prepare and to enjoy the positive changes that will come.

Now, let’s get started. Let the journey begin!
First things first: What actually is First Contact?
As the name implies, first Contact means contact for the first time with an extraterrestrial life form. Now, this does not necessarily mean with an intelligent form of life. It simply means contact with any extraterrestrial life form. This could be anything form a microbe, a single or Multi-cell organism, a plant, an animal species etc. etc. The contact with the most impact would of course be contact with an intelligent alien.  In whatever form first contact will manifest itself, it will bring about profound changes to our society and way of life. Even if we initially only discover alien microbes, it will change our perception of our place in the universe. From there it will not be hard to make an educational assumption that if there are alien microbes, that there also will be intelligent alien species around.
Considering the constant, almost daily, discovery of new extra solar planets, as well as rapid advances in astrobiology, this scenario is very likely to become reality in the near future.
So, my friends. As you can see, rather than some cataclysmic catastrophe based on all kinds of 2012 “end time” predictions, a First Contact scenario is much more likely to happen, since there is real progress being made toward it, based on concrete science and technology.

As I promised in the beginning, as we go along, I will keep you updated with relevant news from many different, but related fields. In the meantime, anyone who wants to take a little peek into the future can read my article –A Knowledge Based Society- and get a little taste of how things could be in the future.
Exciting times, better times lay ahead for planet earth and all of us. Stay tuned, the Journey is just beginning …..
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