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What Happens Next If We Find Proof of Space Aliens? | NBC News

We UFO hunters, Ancient Aliens researchers, Extraterrestrial life buffs have one common goal. At the same time, there is one common question out there: What happens if we have a breakthrough discovery in any of those fields? What happens if we find solid, undeniable proof of alien life? Than what? Great article. Click on the link next to the picture. Enjoy.

What Happens Next If We Find Proof of Space Aliens? | NBC News

First came the suggestion that an “alien megastructure” had been observed around KIC 8462852, a.k.a. Tabby’s Star. Months later, people were talking about a signal seen by a Russian telescope that some thought was transmitted from the environs of a stellar cousin of the sun. And not long after that, the Cyclopean Arecibo antenna in Puerto Rico reported weird signals that seemed to come from the dwarf star Ross 128, a scant 11 light-years away.

This brisk cadence of celestial surprises might make it seem that we’re on the cusp of proving the existence of extraterrestrials. But ...


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  1. Proof of space aliens may indicate that we have all been lied too By our Governments for years.Once this happens it will start a domino effect.A new light will be focused on the past UFO and alien events in our history.Let the truth be known.

  2. After all f these decades keeping ET hidden in the shadows, surrounded by mystery and conspiracies, it is highly doubtful that such official declaration will make any impact to the way they continue to go about heir agenda/s

  3. Probably right.But the Us Government has a list of contingency plans already in place in case discloser happens.One or more of these plans can be deployed very quickly(within days)You might say to cover there ass and put the blame on to somebody else using again false evidence and statements.