FIRST CONTACT, the beginning of a better future. The purpose of this Blog is to support, promote and accelerate the achievement of a First Contact Event. The discovery of Alien Life will change Life on our planet forever. COME WITH US, AND TAKE A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE OF MANKIND. The question is not IF we want a better future, but HOW LONG are we going to wait to do something about it. You can start living in your better future right now. You can find all the info and building blocks right here. Please join us as a subscriber or follower, in the search for new ways and ideas, and feel free to leave your comments and share your suggestions.

-- Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. --


As soon, as we have official conformation of an First Contact event, everything on this planet will begin to change. We will have to reexamine just about everything we have taken for granted: The dynamics of our society, our place in the universe, our religious and philosophical believes, the political structures, our relationship with our planet, and many other issues that will need rethinking.in this article we will take a look at the First contact and Eco-Connection. If our civilization is to survive on this planet for a long time to come,
we need to realize that this planet is our only home. If we mess it up and destroy it, there will be no way to buy another, or new one. First Contact will open our society's mind to this fact. There will be enormous pressure on the worlds leading industries and corporation, to turn eco friendly very quickly. Pollution is a Planetary problem, not a local one, and needs to be treated like such. Even with an all out world wide effort, it will still take a few decades to repair and return the environment into a healthy state. Of course, we will also have to continuously use and produce, renewable clean energy and technology. But we don't have to sit on our hands, while we are waiting for conformation of First Contact. We can start right now to build a better future. On a personal scale, you can bring a small piece of nature into your home. You can also start to inform yourself about all kinds of issues and possibilities for Eco friendly living. Just look around this site, and you will find a lot of resources to get you started. Nothing that you will find here will brake the bank, but it will help, getting you started to live in a better, healthier future environment. On a larger scale, you can support all kinds of environmental issues, as well as keep on raising awareness, and lead by example. There are uncounted possibilities for you to help and make a positive difference.

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