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Could a 'Star Trek'-Like Genesis Device Transform Alien Worlds? - Space.com -

 Could a 'Star Trek'-Like Genesis Device Transform Alien Worlds?
Could a 'Star Trek'-Like Genesis Device Transform Alien Worlds?


A theoretical project could help to turn marginally habitable planets into rich environments capable of hosting microbes, a new paper argues. The project is reminiscent of a fictional machine called "the Genesis Device," which appeared in two 1980s "Star Trek" films, but the author told Space.com that the resemblance is mostly coincidental.

Terraforming is one of those fields of science, where science fiction meets science facts. However, since it is a multi disciplinary field of sciences, some areas are still lagging behind at the current time. Nevertheless, we DO have the technology right now, to attempt terraforming. Of course, there is not a single nation that would have the financial or economic resources to go in alone. Therefore, we will have to wait until our society is far enough advanced to work together in such an undertaking. In any case, look at the article, you will find it very interesting.

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