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UFO, Extraterrestrial life, Aliens ...The Hunt For Aliens is a Grassroots Movement Funded by Billionaires | Inverse -www.inverse.com

UFO, Extraterrestrial Life and Ancient Alien research has come out of the conspiracy field into mainstream science. It is being taken serious by now. A great article that examines the state of research in the present. Click the link next to the image. Enjoy.

The Hunt For Aliens is a Grassroots Movement Funded by Billionaires | Inverse

Aside from a strange blip in the 1950s and early 1960s, the search for extraterrestrial life has primarily taken place at society’s fringes. Public figures have not historically risked their reputations advocating the search for alien life. 

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  1. New message from the aliens received 9-26-2015 on 9-26-15 at 3:00 AM I received a message about what aliens really want with the planet Earth first of all the planet does not belong to the human race it belongs to them they terraforming this world Planet , and they put the human race to do work for them to improve the vegetation grow edible food and supplies for them and now that the planet is mature enough and the food sources are in abundance they will come to claim what is theirs to hire research will return to take food and other things to their planet that man has made for them in return the aliens will give us their advanced technology better medical plans as far as our technology and medicine is concerned and trade technology for the food and supplies that they need we mankind have done the work in growing tilling the grounds purifying the water sources and things that they need to be done they are willing to pay us for our labor and retrieve supplies as they need them without problems however the U.S Government will probably reject their offers and start some kind of war with them this is why the United Nations is set up to meet discuss plans of negotiations with the aliens not to surrender but for a trading of technology for supplies that we have earned the right to sell to them by keeping us in this order the aliens will be able come , and go as they please as customers instead of rulers even though they already have jurisdiction over the planet Earth they as far as to reforming it and bringing all different life forms to it in order to harvest the Planet resources they are willing to give payments for services in order to keep peace between us and them what is more difficult to do destroy the human race and have no more harvesting no more growing no more plan to serve them or to give them things in return for their work as payment for the supplies and things that they may need in a continuing basis in the future If you destroy the human race no future harvesting work with the human race negotiate with them as buyers instead of war and terror and the human race will give the aliens anything they want in return for the technology and the things that they can provide for us and our in our homes in our lives to make us healthier and safer from the things that we cannot control actual disasters and things like that can be avoided with their help as friends instead of enemies . message from the aliens is that they are coming to negotiate a treaty with the human race to accept them not reject them as Sellers of merchandise and treat them as merchants instead of slaves I’d think this is a very good plan by the alien council and I agree with that click like if you agree with this message and take that the aliens trading as much technology and things that we need to keep as more healthy to make our lives a little easier in our homes that like a cube like this message about the aliens returning to help us instead of destroy its end of transmission