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-- Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. --

Farming, Gardening, Environmental protection, ECO Friendly ... Renewable energy at a ‘tipping point’ - CSMonitor.com

If Renewable Energy is your pleasure, or Gardening, or Farming, or if you are generally concerned about the Environment ... it doesn't matter. All of this subject matters are linked together. Those are two very good articles, that i hope everyone of us "GREEN" buffs will enjoy. Some plain info and data, can sometimes show us the big picture. Just click on the links next to the pictures.  

Renewable energy at a ‘tipping point’ - CSMonitor.com

In many parts of the world renewable energy is already a principal energy source. In Scotland, for example, wind turbines provide enough electricity to power 95 percent of homes.

Renewable energy and beyond

Post Carbon Fellow Richard Heinberg recently presented via video link at the final forum of the Regenerating Society Series in Melbourne, Australia. Richard was joined by Rescope Project Fellow, Josh Floyd, energy and psychology researcher, Dr Andrea Bunting, host Anthony James, and a full house of 200 people to explore switching to a new kind of society and how can we get there as smoothly as possible.​

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