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UFO'S, ANCIENT ALIENS, SPACE EXPLORATION ... Experts say the hope of finding alien life helps society | Daily Mail Online

If its UFO research, Ancient Aliens, Space Exploration in general, the common goal is to find proof of Extraterrestrial life. This is a very good article, looking at the impact a First Contact event will have. Click the link next to the picture. Enjoy.

Observations from ancient Martian volcanoes suggest that hot rocks reacted with martian ground water. If so, there could have been, even if only briefly, a suitable mixture of water, warmth and chemical energy to support microbial life like the kind that in hot springs on Earth

Experts say the hope of finding alien life helps society  | Daily Mail Online

The search for life elsewhere in the universe is one of the most compelling aspects of modern science. Given its scientific importance, significant resources are devoted to this young science of astrobiology, ranging from rovers on Mars to telescopic observations of planets orbiting other stars. The holy grail of all this activity would be the actual discovery of alien life, and such a discovery would likely have profound scientific and philosophical implications. 


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