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-- Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. --


picture courtesy: news.digitalmediaacademy.org
This page will deliver a short introduction to the concept of Terraforming. The principle idea of Terraforming, is to change the environment of another planet, to make it habitable for human life. The idea of such an undertaking has been around since the 1940’s, but only recently has science caught up with science fiction. While there are many different approaches to Terraforming, as there are challenges, we now do have the technology, which would enable us to undertake such an endeavor. However, no single country has the resources to take on the financial and economic requirement to make Terraforming a present fact. However, research into this field is continuing. On this blog, we will follow those advancements and take a look at all the different fields of science that are involved. First, we have to understand the workings of the ecosystems on our planet, in order to be able to reproduce them first in a laboratory setting and then, in the future, on another world. Now, everybody asks, why is Terraforming important? The best and shortest answer for now is, that our planet cannot much longer sustain the overpopulation and rapid depletion of our natural resources. That’s, where Terraforming comes into play.

picture courtesy: news.digitalmediaacademy.org
If we are able to create a “sister” earth somewhere in the galactic neighborhood, we would be able to create a home for more people and also create a new source of resource production. The production of food and the harvesting of natural resources, will secure the future of life on our home world.

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