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Welcome to the Society for Planetary Advancement. I have created this blog in order to introduce, explore and support the concept of a Planetary Society that is Knowledge based, Moneyless and Eco integrated. We will examine any pertinent news and information that will accelerate and contribute to the development of such a society.



First of all, we have to build the ideological infrastructure   ... cognitive, conceptual and physical.

However, everything we need to create an advanced planetary society, is already here. We have the technology, science and knowledge to start building the future right now. This is not an imaginary science fiction dream, it is backed by hard facts, that can become reality at any time ... if we only had the necessary collective commitment. 

So, what's the main obstacle that stands in the way of achieving the proper mindset and inspiration?  The answer: Conservative, right wing ideology. This way of thinking is based on fear, hate, racism and an unrelenting opposition to forward progress. as long as there are elements in our society, that adhere to such an ideology, denying science facts as well as living in a conspiracy based alternate reality, the prospects of achieving an advanced planetary society are are dim.

However, by promoting and concentrating on the right and necessary steps, we can start to move forward and begin to create a better society, that will advance the entire planet into a better future. So, what do we need to get started?. Well, here is a short list with the main objectives. We will go into more details, as we keep going forward.


  • The entire economy works as a moneyless system 
  • The entire economic system is set up to work in harmony and to the advantage and advancement of the environment ... Eco integrated
  • All energy sources are free and renewable
  • All physical work is automated 


  • The entire Society is based around the acquisition of knowledge and invests heavily in education
  • Social status is based on amount of knowledge
  • Political decisions are based on science and for the good of Humanity and the planet
  • The entire society is working towards the good of the planet and all its people. Everybody is trying to better themselves and is doing the right moral thing in all aspects of life

The KNOWLEDGE BASED SOCIETY will lead to the MONEYLESS SOCIETY: an almost perfect world

Werner Leo, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author
With all those events going on in the world, one wonders how we ever got to this point in the first place and how can we get out of it. Did you ever realize how many laws our politicians crank out every year?! Laws, which we than have to live by. They come up with laws and regulations for the environment, laws that tell who and how can make pharmaceuticals, laws about traffic, about food, laws about technology and science and so on and so forth. An endless list! After thinking about this for a while, I started to notice that there is something fundamentally wrong with this picture. Here is an example to show you what I mean: If you are sick, would you go to a politician for help? Of course not. You would go to a doctor. A man or woman, which has gone to school and is a professional in treading illnesses. So, why than do we live in a world where politicians crank out laws about issues that they themselves have no, or very little knowledge about. Sure, they have advisory boards, but in the end they twist the advice they are getting into something that THEY think would work best. Mostly for their own benefits and to stay in office. That has been this way for as long politics has existed.

However, there is hope to change this. Over the last decade or two, a new phrase has emerged in academic circles: The Knowledge based society! Now, what is this? Economic experts, forecasters and academics have seen a trend that started to emerge over time. Here is the concept in a nutshell: