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-- Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. --

Welcome to Futureville, Part two

Approaching the city limits, we can immediately see how green everything is. Landscaped lawns and parks with nice shadowy trees are everywhere where there is some space. Water saving sprinklers disperses water onto the lawns in public parks as well as the lawns of the private residents. All the water is coming from the sewage recycling plant at the other end of town. At the clean up plant, which is powered by wind power, all the towns’ sewage and run off water is collected and cleaned, before it is pumped out back into town for firefighting, lawn watering and other purposes. We will visit the sewage treatment plant later during our stay in Futureville. The only thing the recycled water is not used for is for drinking and household use. This water comes for another source. It’s from a groundwater well, from where it is pumped to a filtering facility and than on to the households. There is very little risk of the groundwater getting contaminates, since the environment is extremely clean and every possible precaution is taken to prevent contamination. Continuing down Main Street, we are passing through the town square. Here we find the usual outdoor café, the small gift shop, the barber and a few other small stores. All the street lights are of course energy saving and hooked into the municipal grid, feed from the wind power plant outside the town. The solar panels that are supplying the power for the stores and café, are barley visible, since the have been integrated into the design of the buildings as much as possible. All the glass, for the windows, doors and store display windows, are of course Eco friendly. The are made of recycled material and help to keep the temperature in the shops at a comfortable level. Not letting in too much sunlight in the summer and not letting heat escape n the winter. All of this of course helps to conserve energy and keeps costs down. The sidewalks that run in front of the stores, are all made of recycled rubber. Durable, water repelling, slip proof and noise dampening, they are the perfect choice for a town like Futureville. Besides walking or driving around Futureville, you can of course ride your bike along the bike paths that run along every street and connect all parts of town. Well kept and illuminated at night, the are the towns favorite routes of travel.

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