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This post is the introduction to a series of articles over the next few weeks, in which we will explore life in a small town in the not to distant future. We will take a look at the way the houses are build, what materials are being used, we look at the ways the town generates most of its power, check out the green cars in the garages, the bio fuels that the use. We also will look at the town’s food supply and anything else that is related to life in a future small town. Through out the article you will find links embedded in the text, which will lead you to more detailed information on the specific topics. Join me and come along to our tour of Futureville.

The first thing we notice as we approach the outskirts of town, is how smooth the ride is. Looking out the window, we see a very smooth road surface. What we don’t see are all the little sensors that are embedded in the coating. It is called smart asphalt. Those sensors are used to transmit data, regarding the surface and traffic conditions. This data is sent to a control center where it is used to smooth out the flow of traffic, by coordinating the traffic lights and post traffic, speed and safety information on traffic info signs alongside the roads. Of course all traffic lines are painted with Eco friendly paint that contains no harmful chemicals which could wash into the fields that line the street.

The next thing that we are noticing on our drive towards Futureville is, that even the car itself makes no noise. Of course it doesn’t. It’s running on electricity. Our car is one of all those Eco friendly cars of Futureville. All cars are powered by alternative fuels or electricity. Passing the gas station along the way, we see pumps for ethanol and hook up stations for electricity or natural gas. Gone are the old gas pumps that dispensed premium or lower octane gas, that polluted the air. The only thing that still looks familiar is the diesel pump. Of course the diesel is bio diesel, made from corn or other green sources. We will visit the sources of all that alternative fuel in one of the next posts. For now, let’s continue our ride into town.

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