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-- Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. --


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In a post First Contact world, education will be one of the cornerstones a new society will be build on. It will be free to all, and knowledge in general will be easily accessible in every corner of the world. Results of scientific experiments and breakthroughs in all fields will be openly shared throughout humanity. In a  KNOWLEDGE BASED SOCIETY,  Education is the driving force behind everything. All the teaching and learning is done via telecommunication. Old style, brick and mortar classrooms are becoming obsolete over time. Holograms are being used to demonstrate physics an chemistry experiments safely and accurately. It will be a completely VIRTUAL class room. Also, the educational materials, study subjects and standards, will be the same around the planet, in order to avoid inequality in the educational levels of all students, anywhere. So, and how can all this be financed? It doesn't have to be, in a MoneyLess society. Which we will examine in our next article, and see that it is perfectly feasible.

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