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This is a two article post. The first one examines the pros and cons about First Contact. Opinions about this issue vary, but its always a topic, that we should take seriously. Click on the link next to the article. Enjoy. Find the comment on the second article right above it.

First Contact With Extraterrestrials Might Be a Very Good Thing

When many people look at the stars, they see a vast, unbound infinity that fills them with a feeling that’s difficult to describe but impossible to forget. That feeling pushes humanity to want to explore the great unknown reaches of space in the hopes of discovering that we aren’t alone in it.But let’s assume for one moment that extraterrestrial life does exist. Should we really be trying to contact it?


I can't make up my personal opinion on this one. Is there something there, or is it just coincident? I really don't know. Read it, make up your own opinion. For my part, i don't just wanna dismiss it. To many questions to be answered. Click the link, Enjoy.
‘How did this handbag symbol become a world wide phenomenon? And more importantly,what did it represent? Did it contain secret knowledge offered by the gods as some myths claim? Was it some form of secret technology that we have forgotten?’


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