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ALIENS, UFOs, EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE ... two related articles

UFOs, Ancient Aliens, Extraterrestrial life, whatever your field of interest is, this two articles are for you. They explore the possibility of other life in the universe, even our solar system. Images, videos. Great reads. Click on the links next to the images. Enjoy.


In a Universe this massive, it’s hard to imagine we’re the only life form here. I mean, come on. Earth is only one of many, many planets in our Milky Way Galaxy, which is only one among billions of other galaxies in the Universe. 

Surely there must be something living on another planet.


Scientists have made the discovery using the Cassini space probe, which has been monitoring mysterious Saturn and its moons, as well as the Hubble telescope.
Stargazers also believe Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, has a similar feature.

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