FIRST CONTACT, the beginning of a better future. The purpose of this Blog is to support, promote and accelerate the achievement of a First Contact Event. The discovery of Alien Life will change Life on our planet forever. COME WITH US, AND TAKE A LOOK INTO THE FUTURE OF MANKIND. The question is not IF we want a better future, but HOW LONG are we going to wait to do something about it. You can start living in your better future right now. You can find all the info and building blocks right here. Please join us as a subscriber or follower, in the search for new ways and ideas, and feel free to leave your comments and share your suggestions.

-- Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. --



If you can't find what you are looking for, send me an email and i will do my best to locate the appropriate resource for you.


Biblical Archeology Review: The Flagship. Most of the content is free, but for full access to the archives they charge a small fee. It's worth the money, trust me.

Archaeological Research Resources: Maintained by Historic Archeological Research, easy to navigate, long list of all kinds of links to relevant resources. Great starting point.

Archaeological Resources: another good site with a list of links to specialized search engines and other resources.

Archaeology: huge list with links to other sites as well as to specific topics such as dead see scrolls etc.


ReligionSource: Links to Stats and facts about all kinds of religion related issues.

ARDA:  This site is loaded with stats and facts about religion related topics, search the archive, drill down, great resource.

Adherents.com: National and world wide facts and stats on all religions. One of the best out there. Huge amount of links to all that has to do with religion.

Truth about religious truth: This is a really interesting blog, has a lot of different views, questions and answers about religion. I like it.


What do Americans think about God: Article by: Austin Cline
Well written article with some facts and stats about Americans and religion.

Why do people turn to religion?: This is a great article, it's a bit old, but nevertheless timeless, with good insights. Take a look.

Inspirational bible verses: There are many more articles like this one on this blog. This one is more pro religion. Just fine, since we want to cover all angles on this subject.

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