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First Contact: (part three): The benefits for you and me

Well, my friends, here we are at the 3rd chapter of our First Contact series (part one, part two). Today we will take a closer look at the benefits a First Contact event would bring about for all of us. Let’s see what kind of change First Contact will bring to our society and to life overall on this planet.

After First Contact has occurred, things will change rapidly. Everyone will be working towards the common good of our fellow human beings. One of the first things that will be done is to make food and clean water available to every man woman and child on earth. This will be easily achieved by running a “water pipeline” into dry regions and thereby solve two problems at once. A) Water will be available for drinking, cooking and other household purposes, and B) water will also be available for irrigation to start food production. All the energy needed for the pumps, sprinklers and other equipment will be of course derived form solar panels and wind turbines! eco friendly and renewable energy sources.(see the concept in action)

The next and also very important change will be in the field of medicine and health care. Both will be easily accessible and available for everyone. Preventive medicine, starting with good nutrition, chemical free food products of organic origin, will be at the forefront. The primary goal will be to be healthy and active, instead of being bombarded with all kinds of different advertisements for all kinds of unnecessary pharmaceutical products. A much healthier lifestyle is now possible; since all the pollutants are being removed form the air and the soil as well as our water. This change alone will create thousands of jobs in the field of “environmental repair and restoration”.

As we begin to combat planetary problems such as pollution and global climate change, a new area of international cooperation will develop. This in turn will, in a short period of time, reduce the human habit of warfare tremendously. Rather than going against each other, we will go with each other to face and solve regional and planetary problems together.

Since there will be a global change of consciousness  towards cooperation and working for the common good, poverty and crime will start to disappear from our society. Also, while working for the common good for everyone, there will be a more equal distribution of wealth and prosperity. Which will be brought about by a change to a more fair and common sense based political system -The knowledge based society-.

Another big contributing factor to change will be the restoration and availability of quality education for everyone. Proper high level education is the single most powerful tool to bring about socio-economic changes.  Access to education is not a privilege, but rather a basic right for everyone. In a changed world, education at all levels will be free and accessible to everyone. There will be no more educational privileges for the rich, who can afford to pay for higher education, and therefore widen the inequality in wealth distribution and acquisition, further tipping the scale in their favor. Education will be the base of a new, equal rights society.

With the new educational system in place, the next and closely related change will be the economic system. The new system will be driven by the demand of life enhancing products as well as environmentally friendly ones. In short, what this means is that there will be a great demand for truly health improving medicine (new medicine based on gene therapy, preventive pharmaceuticals, natural cures etc.) rather than all those medicines that are now offered to us, simply to increase the profits of the pharma industry.

Foods will be clean, nutritious, eco-friendly grown, rather than showered in pesticides.

Eco-friendly energy sources, clean means of public and private transportation will also be in high demand as well as any scientific and technology products that could further enhance the quality of life for everyone. As you surely can see, I could go on and on with an endless list of products and there description but I’m sure you have gotten my point by now.

There will also be a change in the composition of the workforce in this economy. Most manual labor jobs will be done by robotic systems. Long gone are those long assembly lines with their monotone and repetitive demand on the human laborer. A great many people will be working in their field of passion, rather than just holding a boring 9 to 5 job. Since there are many specialized niches in the market, there will be ample opportunity for an individual to let his or hers creative spirit fly. If you would like more insight into the way people will work, read some of my previous articles here. (How to avoid the economic downturn, The Knowledge based Society, Towards the future, )

By now, some of you might be starting to think that I’m living in a dream world, and that all those changes, as desirable as they might be, will just never come to pass, regardless of a First Contact scenario, or any other trigger event. But not so fast, I say. Let’s take a look at the present situation right now. If you just look at all the social media out there, face book, twitter, or any of the countless other forums, groups, chat rooms etc., or by simply surfing the internet, you will see that more and more people are starting to talk about all those issues that we are touching on, in our series right here. Look at the countless “Green” sites that are popping up all over the net. Look at the sales figures of all meditation, or other self help products. There are many groups on the net who discuss all the same topics that we are talking about right here. There is of course also the”Occupy” movement.  As you can see, the shift in our society is already starting. Of course, it is still in its infancy, but every day, more and more people like you and me are sitting up and taking notice. A more planetary oriented society is just the natural forward movement of civilization and evolution. Nothing to be feared. All the large problems we are facing right now are planetary problems. Climate change, Global pollution, energy resources and so on. In order to combat all those challenges, we simply HAVE to work together on a global scale, rather than to try to fix regional patch works. Obviously all those changes are very desirable and work towards improving live on this planet.

So, you might ask, why isn’t everyone fully on-board already? The reason that the shift is not occurring at a much faster pace is simply do to the fact that the elite is trying to keep their fingers in the dam, to slow down the process by as much as they can. Their propaganda machine tells us day and night how we should dress, what we should eat and drink, how we should act, what we should and shouldn’t say or believe, what we should be interested in etc. etc. All this, so that we fit into the norm! All the while we are also being told that we are all different and separated by: Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, political ideology, national identity and so on and so forth. The reason that more people are not waking up is simply that they can’t get out under the propaganda avalanche. This is the reason why I believe that we need a “Trigger Event” such as First Contact or any similar “Wake up” call. Once all people start to see trough the fog and get a clear understanding of our situation, then my friends the shift will occur rapidly.

By now, many of you will start to understand the new concept. But you wonder if there is something that you can do right now to help moving things along. The answer is yes, you can! There are several things you can do starting right now and enjoy already some of the benefits that we have talked about so far. In the next chapter of our series, we will get specific about what and how each one of us can do, to already start reaping some of the benefits, as well as improve and prepare yourself for a better future …

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